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  • Theory Classes:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing(Strategies in Digital Marketing, Aligning Internet with Business Objectives, Examples of Great Case Studies, User Behaviour & Navigation, Branding & User Experience, Developing a Digital Plan)

  • Search Engine Optimization (Keyword Research, How Google Works, Search Engine Factors, OnPage & OffPage Optimisation, Meta Tags, Images, Content, Video Links and How to Get Them)

  • Search Engine Marketing/PPC (How to Create a PPC Campaign, Implementing Your PPC Budget, Targeting Your Advertising, Measuring & Managing Your Campaigns)

  • Email Marketing (Creating Optimised Campaigns, Email Marketing Explained, How to Measure Success, Managing Your Database, Best Practice Case Studies, Choosing 3rd Party Email Providers)

  • Content Marketing (What is content marketing, Best practices of content writing, Various form of content marketing, Content marketing process, Content marketing tips, platforms & more)

  • Social Media Marketing (What is Social Media Marketing? Overview of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Overview of Blogging, YouTube and Flickr, Increasing Website Traffic Using Facebook, Twitter, Video etc. Building Brand Awareness Using Social Media, Best Practice Examples & Case Studies)

  • Digital Display Marketing (What is Display Advertising? How are Banners Bought & Sold, Banner Formats & When to Use Them, Creating and Implementing a Banner Campaign)

  • Mobile Marketing (The Development of Mobile Marketing, Various Forms of Mobile Marketing, Geo-Targeting Your Campaign for Smartphones, How Consumers Use Mobile Marketing, Examples & Case Studies)

  • Website Analytics (What is Website Analytics?, Google Analytics Explained, Understanding your KPIs, Measuring Website Traffic, Setting up Goal and Event Tracking, Increasing Traffic to your Website)

  • Planning Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns (Examples of Integrated Marketing Plans, Using the Best Digital Marketing Channels for Maximum Impact, Create an Integrated Digital Marketing Plan)

Practical Workshops

Class 1: SEO Marketing & Technical Audit

Class 2: Keyword Research, Competition Analysis, Content Analysis plus Search Techniques

Class 3: On-page SEO

Class 4: Domain plus CPanel

Class 5: Wordpress Management

Class 6: Off-page & Link Building

Class 7: Social Media (FB, G+)

Class 8: Adwords

Class 9: Web Master Tool

Class 10: Google Analytics

Class 11: Email & Newsletter

Class 12: Recap/Misc.

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