The main advantages of using SEO are:

  1. Steady influx of online traffic once you are able to capture the top 10 slots in your domain of interest. If you are ranked among the top 3, that increases your website traffic drastically
  2. Excellent ROI as compared to other forms of Internet marketing
  3. Brand visibility increases rapidly. More online users coming to your website through search engines will mean more people know about your products and services
  4. Sales figures improve because more online consumers now have access to your website. More traffic to the services page of your website gives you a better chance to sell
  5. An optimized website is compatible across all forms of Internet browsing software

Some Facts & Figures about SEO:

  • Over 9 billion searches were performed via search engines in the US in 2007.
  • Nearly 80% of people searching for information online type phrases into a search engine’s search box. Google alone fields over 91 million searches – per day! How much of that traffic do you want?
  • In approximately 50% of online searches, your prospect selects a company found on the first or second Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). So, if your company is not found in the first 10 to 20 results, you’ve already lost out on at least 50% of your potential business – while your competitors, who are highly ranked, are enjoying a lion’s share of the traffic.
  • Online sales are growing by at least 20% compared to the same time last year, with over $184 billion for 2008.

Why SEO is so important (Illustrations):

Why SEO is so important?
Search Engine Market Share
Organic vs. paid search results
Click Through Rate from Search Engine Result Pages

What do you need for your website now?

What your website should need for the best SEO and great ranking

Bottom line – when a prospect performs a search via a search engine, do they find you or a competitor? SEO is your ticket to getting found.

SEO is not spam!  SEO helps your business grow.  Check what Google is saying!!!

How 7boats can help you?


Our USPs:

  • Unconventionally structured but highly effective approach.
  • Unique and innovative research and analysis.
  • We focus on overall business growth, usability & ROI in greater detail. We don’t work in isolation unlike others.
  • Dedicated and the most trusted services. Complete white-hat techniques strictly adhering to Google’s policies.
  • We don’t make fake promises. We promise only what we can deliver.
  • Affordable rate. Value for money.
  • Personalized Service – Not a Bland “One Size Fits All” Approach
  • Young, passionate and dynamic team.
  • We love knowledge sharing with our clients.
  • We value on relationship building.
  • We don’t feel proud to call us expert in all, we believe in the old saying “every day is a school day.” With the ever changing scenario of Internet everyday, we learn and make our customers aware about the new emerging changes and the business impact therefore.

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