To establish Internet presence, there are some easy steps:
(i) Domain Name Registration: Domain name or the URL is the web address that people will use to access your website. It should be chosen carefully and must represent your business or organization. Once the availability of the domain name has been checked, it should be registered. Also, the domain name needs to be renewed annually.

(ii) Website Design: Once the look and feel and structure of the website has been formed, the graphic design and coding of web pages and interactive applications is done at this stage.

(iii) Hosting your Website: In this stage, you hire space on the Internet for your website. We are among those web-hosting companies in India that provide budget hosting in India and also budget hosting in New Delhi.

(iv) Promoting and Marketing your Website: You should also have an Internet marketing strategy in place and focus on promoting your website on major search engines and search directories.

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