1. We first discuss and understand client's expectation in details (in terms of business, goal, expectations, focus keywords etc)
  2. We make our clients aware about all SEO factors (See http://www.7boats.com/faq/ ) or to go through our knowledgebase. 
  3. In cases, we sign NDA(confidentiality agreement and SEO agreement if required) for taking up FTP/Login details from client
  4. We send final proposal & invoice after mutual agreement on price and scope of work. In cases, we tell our clients to check our testimonials http://www.7boats.com/testimonials/, success stories - http://www.7boats.com/case-studies/ and portfolio - http://www.7boats.com/portfolio/ for reference check.
  5. We start work and send regular updates/reports as and when we complete part by part job.
  6. We have strong project management tools & if required, we give access to our clients to see the progress of their project & update accordingly. We also keep time-sheets for time-based projects.
  7. Email/Chat/phone support. We have strong support ticket system & helpdesk tools with SLA/Escalation rules. For priority clients we provide 24X7 support in critical cases.
  8. Time to time strategic consultation depending upon requirement.
  9. Monitor/analysis of result & re-planning.
  10. We wrap up project & handover all passwords/details/docs to clients with a project closure note.
  11. Further you can continue/discontinue or upgrade to higher package